Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Joseph and the rascals

97' taking active part in the musical "Joseph"

The joke's on you!

No - we are not laughing at you - just waiting for Dhiraj's flash to go off!

The choir boyz

Lijo, Vivek G and me in the christmas Choir.

Babe's party pics

Our Peripheral posting in Ranipet - Scudder Memorial hospital.
More Fun than work. Babe (Vinotha) was the only girl with us - supervising our cooking and Kaushik poking a ? fork into her here. Corner was the cheif chef.

Party pic

D2 noodle party R - L ; DK, me, Jacob Alexander, P zac, Santy, Eddie, Pothole, Kaushik, Vijay P's bottom!

Dug Dug - Enfield Bullet 350

My faithful bike was always there...
The happy memories on this machine are just soooo many..

Monday, December 12, 2005

Visiting on honeymoon

Anne and I did a lot of driving on our honeymoon to Kovalam. We drove from her parents place Tvla to Trivandrum and from there made trips to see Annie in her bond hospital....

And Arun at his home in Trivandrum - he's with his mom in this snap - she was pampering him silly with all the food he wanted - typical thendi mamma.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

the watermelons

We enjoyed our watermelons! Furtado posing sexy side profile!
This particular one was stored after we finished eating our fill, and fooled Eddie into eating it full of Fungus! Yuck!!

Eddie wins best outgoing

Eddie won the best outgoing musician of the batch.
Not that we were the most musical of batches!
Anand played the guitar, VivekG fiddled his violin, Titus guitared. Abhilash and Fong learnt to guitar.
I drummed - so did Hrishi on his tabla too
Music comp's
D.K dancing away during a gumbal.
Roopa, Suma, John Abraham in the background
Post music comp party in Bagayam tea stall
The deadly acapella team
Many new faces, but it was good music -- by 97 standards.
Sitting on the A super corridoor
12 PM
Shiva Shankars birthday treat
John Abraham hogging on the Coke!

The gang on D2 catches a Bat. Arpith and santy did all the chasing, we stand to celebrate the catch!
D2 days ! Deepu looks tired... I think he just got back from bushing!

Dr. MC & Anna Mathew

Eddie and Me with Dr. MC and Anna Mathew
2 people who take caring for others to a whole new dimension.
Dr. MC was a special person for the class as well, he led our bible classes and was a key person who cared to know how we did during our bonds.

Choir in Chapel

The class choir
Eddie as usual in the lead
Abhilash busy posing for the camers
Furtado - better off not singing!
The girls trying hard to sing!

Fong - leads the flower arrangement everytime
Does a damn good job too!
We guys just posing in - not done any work though!


Final year retreat in Yelagiri.
November 2001
Cornerstone, Annie and Titius leading singing.
Vinotha in bright pink.

Snap 2..
Eddie with a bear hug onto Pankaj and Lijo
Stephan in Titus' arms - the only unsuspecting soul!
Nirmal just missing the hug!